Miley Cyrus Eyes

on Friday, September 30, 2011

Today we are going to talk about the Miley Cyrus Eyes. Before moving to our main focus i will must say that celebrities around the world keep a good check on their looks and presentation. But i usually don't find such qualities in Miley Cyrus. But in the current year one thing she did the best is her Dental TreatmentIf we look deeply about Miley Cyrus she don't have much appealing looks in herself, but on the other hand she is a celebrity and she is living in 21st century where she can groom herself and make some necessary surgeries and treatment very easily and she can even afford the expenses on these Surgeries and Medical treatment.

Now lets talk about her eyes. If we look at Miley Cyrus Eyes Close Up the very first thing which majority out of us will notice and say that would be Miley Cyrus Eyes Too Close Together. Now if she has these much close eyes then she can over come this flaw in her looks very easily and for this purpose she even don't need to go to any Doctor for a medical surgery or medical treatment. She simply need to keep such kind of eye makeup which give a little broad look to her too close together eyes. But she don't really care about this flaw in her personality that's why i will must say that Miley Cyrus Closed Eyes looks more better then her open eyes.

This critical post doesn't mean to hurt Miley Cyrus or her fans but we just mean that we all love her allot and she is our celebrity and in her world she has to look more better then she is and she easily can but its just a little negligence from her side or may be she cares and we perceived wrong about her.

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