Lucy Hale Covers Teen Prom!

on Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lucy Hale takes the 2011 cover of Teen Prom.

On appearing in Scream 4: "I actually did a cameo for Scream 4, which is amazing because there's a lot of people in it, so it's cool to be a part since it's such a huge cult franchise. I remember watching all of them. Wes Craven directed it -- it was just so surreal."

On Pretty Little Liars secrets: "I want people to find out about Ezra and Aria. I definitely want my friends to know. I can't say a lot, but I think it would add a whole new twist if more people knew about their relationship."

On her style: "My style is definitely pretty casual, but I still try to be fashionable. It's all about being comfortable, but I love accessories, I love to wear crazy shoes, crazy nail colors and lots of jewelry to spice things up a little. I love to get dressed up too. I love dresses and heels."

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