Olivia Wilde's Holiday Healthiness

on Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, Olivia Wilde was nabbed as the year-beginning cover model for Women's Health magazine.

Gracing the January/February 2011 issue, the "Tron: Legacy" beauty playfully posed for a sexy spread while also chatting about a number of topics including the always-popular slimdown subject matter.

As for her methods for staying svelte, Olivia tells, "When you eat meat often, the stuff that you eat with it usually contributes to the fat content of the meal."

Advising people to try a "meatless" Monday, the "House" hottie tells, "It's healthier for you, healthier for the planet."

Also suggesting to skip the carbs, the brunette beauty said, "I love bread. I don't cut it out in general, but if I need to slim down, that's an easy way to do it."

Pointing out that ridding of alcohol can also do the job, Wilde dished, "The fastest way to lose weight is to stop drinking. In two weeks you'll lose five pounds."

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