Gwen Stefani: Behind-The-Scenes With ELLE UK

on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gracing the cover with her dazzlingly unique style, Gwen Stefani adorns the front page of the April 2011 issue of Elle UK magazine.
The No Doubt frontwoman partook in a glamorous shoot with Matthias Vriens-McGrath while chatting with the publication about topics ranging from her marriage to make-up tips.

Highlights from the 41-year-old's interview with Elle UK are as follows, with a behind-the-scenes video from her photo shoot available below:
On her ideal day: “I think of myself as really lazy. My ideal day would be to never get out of bed. No one can force me to do something unless I’m passionate about it.”
On her marriage: “I’ve been with Gavin for 14 years, and, let’s face it, that is a huge accomplishment. I feel so proud of that — it hasn’t been the easiest journey.”
On make-up: “I wear make-up every single day; I like to wear make-up for Gavin and I don’t feel energised till I’ve put it on, then I’m ready to go.”

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