Emma Roberts Covers Seventeen May 2011!

on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Emma Roberts takes the May 2011 cover of Seventeen Magazine

On her future husband: "Sometimes when I’m going to sleep, I think, ‘Oh God, my future husband is out there somewhere &I might know him, or I might not, and I wonder what he’s doing and I wonder if he knows me.’ I just always think that’s so fascinating, that even when you were two years old, your future husband was out there somewhere."

On her teenage years: “Turning 20 made me realize that I want to be young and have fun. When I was 16, I was very frustrated all the time. I felt like nobody understood me,” Emma shared. “School was stressful, working was stressful, and it’s a really tough time for girls to be friends. I felt like I was always in a rush to get somewhere, when I had no idea where that was. Now I just feel content, and I feel like that’s a nice place to be. I’ve learned that I want to have great people in my life and lots of love in my life, and just enjoy it. I wish I had realized that sooner.”

On parties: "I like to go to parties if I know who’s going to be there, and if it’s people I want to be with. I don’t just go to go. And I always drive myself, because I hate being stuck places, there’s nothing worse that going out & then being stuck!"

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